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    Is it possible to show pop-up text AND legend in scatter chart?

    Andreas Karlsson


      I'm having a standard static Qlikview-map made of a scatter-chart (style is bubbles lower right corner) and a dynamic background image from openstreetmap.

      The data is three objects moving along a route on the map.









      Bubblesize  (just set to 1)

      Pop-up-text (RoutepositionNumber)


      If I disable the bubble-size expression and having the text pop-up expression enabled I have the legend nicely showing the data belonging to the three different objects in three distinct colors BUT then the size of the bubbles are depending on the route-position and since that one starts on 0 the first points are just invisible..BAD


      If I enable the bubble-size expression the bubbles are all the same size GOOD. BUT the legend is only showing if I disable the text-pop-up expression BAD.


      I tried to change the style to crosses to have all points the same size but then I cannot have any pop-up text either.

      I want both the pop-up text AND the dimension legend, is that impossible in the scatter chart?