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    Change y-axis in line chart by dual fields

      Hi all,


      I am using a dimension stored as dual to show an athlete's result on a specific date. This Result field looks like:



      These numbers are used to make a line chart to plot an athelte's result on a specific date. This line chart shows the results with the num(Result) on the y-axis, like this:


      Note: This image contains results of 2 persons. I want to be able to select 1 person, which means that the y-axis will change when selecting a person.


      However, I don't want to see the num(Result) here. Instead I want to see the text(Result). I tried to adjust the number format settings in the object, but changing this to a time format is not flexibel for displaying time in ss.ff (seconds) and time in mm.ss.ff (minutes).


      So my question is: How can I adjust the format on the y-axis to text(Result) and making this format flexible between time in seconds and time in minutes?


      I have attached a Qlikview document as an example, where Person A's time need to be shown in minutes, and Person B's time in seconds.


      Thanks in advance!