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    Percentage Not Calculating

      Hi Guys,


      I have a field : Call_Priority.

      It holds the following values


      >7 <=14

      >14 <=21





      I am trying to make a Straight Table diaplay the percentage of each of these values compared to the total.


      The Dimention is Call_Priority.


      Each field has a unique ID (fieldname ID)


      I tried this expression:




      But this is producing 100% for all Call_Priorities. This isnt right.


      I think this is because it has Call_Priority as a dimention so the sum(ID) is calculating how many IDs are falling under each value (which will be the same as the count)


      I need an expression which will give me the percentage of the total selection that falls within each of the <=7.... etc values


      The % values should always add up to 100%.


      Any advice is appreciated.


      Thank you