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    Color Code individual Bars

      Hi Guys,


      I am making a bar chart ( below)


      I need to colour code these bars depending on the values they show.


      However, I need to do this on a Bar by Bar basis.


      (I asume in the Background Color section of the expressions tab)



      <7 days

      green :      >90%

      yellow:      Between 85% and 90%

      red:           <85%



      between  7 and 14 days

      Green:     <9%      

      Yellow:     Between 9% and 15%

      Red:           >15%



      between 14 and 21 days

      Green:      <3%      

      Yellow:      Between 3% and 5%

      Red:          >5



      >21 days

      Green :    0

      Red:       >0



      The expression which is currently being used to generate this chart is:


      =COUNT(Call_Priority)/COUNT(TOTAL ID)


      The dimention used is the field Call_Priority


      Can this even be done in Qlikview?


      Any help appreciated.