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    Log File Location for Clustered QDS Nodes

    Graeme Smith

      It looks like the QDS nodes, by default at least, log to the "Application Data Folder".  This is also the same shared folder that must be used for clustering a QDS:


      From QV11.2 Server Reference Manual

      For a cluster of QDSs, System>Setup>General>Application Data Folder must be set to a common shared folder. In addition, Source Folders must be common shared folders.


      My question is, does anyone know if it's possible to configure the QDS log file path for specific nodes independently of the shared folder location.   Ideally I'd like the log files to be written locally on each node rather than transferred across the network (I don't understand why the logs need to be in a shared location?).


      Does anyone know if this is possible?  I have had a look in the QVDistributionService.exe.config but can't find anything immediately obvious.  Hopefully I'm missing something.