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    QlikView if(count expression help!

      I need help.  I am not a programmer but I work on the design side of QlikView for my employer. 


      I need to create an analysis that will track the number of in home presentations our sales agents are presenting in a month then determine which ones are closing the presentation into a sale. 


      Below is a rough template of the analysis that I need to create...


      YearMonth    # of Presentations given by an Agent     Count of Agents w/ ZERO Sales for the Month     % of Total Agents with Zero Sales   


      Jul 2012           0-2                                                                   







      I have attached a sample of the data that is avaialble to me.  If there is not a Sale Unique Id then the presentation did not result into a sale.


      How would I write an expressions that would provide the values I need for my data points above?  I appreciate any help!!! Thanks a lot.