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    QlikView Memory



      I've a QV10 solution on Publisher that keeps getting error on Reload.


      I've ~15millions of records in my database to retrieve in my reload script but after ~40min it gives me "General Script Error".


      I've figured out that it has to be to low memory or disk space available (it gives an error after all the queries to the database are made, i can assume it is a memory problem right?).


      I also have 6 more QV solutions and more applications running on the sever. How much memory and disk space do you think I'll need?



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          Kourosh Karimi-Ghovanlou

          is it possible to post your script here? It could be an issue with the way you are joining (for example) which is eating up all the memory.

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              Thanks for your answer kouroshkarimi. In my script the only part which I can see could be troublesome (and the only one with join keep or concatenate) could be:



              LOAD InitialYear As Year,

                        InitialMonth As Month,

                        InitialDayOfWeek As DayOfWeek,

                        InitialDay As Day,

                        InitialHour As Hour

              RESIDENT SALES;

              OUTER JOIN

              LOAD EndYear As Year,

                        EndMonth As Month,

                        EndDayOfWeek As DayOfWeek,

                        EndDay As Day,

                        EndHour As Hour

              RESIDENT SALES;

              OUTER JOIN

              LOAD PurchaseYear As Year,

                        PurchaseMonth As Month,

                        PurchaseDayOfWeek As DayOfWeek,

                        PurchaseDay As Day,

                        PurchaseHour As Hour


              OUTER JOIN

              LOAD NotificationYear As Year,

                        NotificationMonth As Month,

                        NotificationDayOfWeek As DayOfWeek,

                        NotificationDay As Day,

                        NotificationHour As Hour




              I am even Outer Joining the same table... Is there a way to improve this? I am trying to get all dates (distinct) between these tables to be able to do my calendar...