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    Qlikview DayStart Function

    Eamonn O'Brien



         Has anyone noticed that when you use the DayStart Function in the Edit Screen that it maxes out all CPU (No matther how many) when the function is been executed? This can cause Qlikview server load issues as well. I was wondering if this was a Qlikview memory issue?


      Thanks very much.


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          Stefan Wühl

          Using Daystart() function in the script causes high CPU usage? No, I haven't noticed that before.

          [And I believe daystart() is a pretty simple operation and shouldn't cost much at all.]


          Besides, how do you tell that it is exactely this function that causes high CPU usage?


          Could you post a small sample script that demonstrate this issue?

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              Eamonn O'Brien

              Hi Swuehi


                    Sorry about being late in getting back to you. Please find below the query and a screenshot of the server cpu usage. The data is a cust ID ([Customer_Raw.cust_id]) and a Date timestamp (Customer_Raw.cr_date). If you have any quereis I would be more than happy to help. Thanks very much.


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              LOAD  [Customer_Raw.cust_id]                    AS %cust_id
              [Customer_Raw.cr_date]                  AS [Registation DateTime]
              Date(DayStart([Customer_Raw.cr_date]))  AS [Registration Date]

              [E:\ProgramData\Test Server Files\Temporary Work\Optimizing Scripts\Files\Customer_Raw.qvd]

              CPU Usage.png