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    Autonumberhash versus applymap

      Hi community


      We have a performance issue in our Production environment and have two different options to use, and need to know which one could be best in terms of CPU / memory usage:


      1. Table with more than 40 billion CDRs and around 0.5 billion unique MSISDNs. This table contains around 30 fields, amongst which is this MSISDN field.

      2. Each unique MSISDN need to have a calculated field (ID) consisting in a unique ID assigned (e.g. MSISDN +447892128902 => ID 1, MSISDN +442346566724 => ID 2, and go on)

      3. We see two options to obtain this calculated field:


           Option 1: apply a AutoNumberHash to each MSISDN while loading the 40 billion CDRs.

           Option 2: create a mapping table with all distinct MSISDNs + a RowNo() field first. When loading the 40 billion CDRs, apply a map to MSISDN to get the resulting RowNo.


      Does anyone have a clue on what could use less CPU / Memory resources, a Autonumberhash for 40 billion records, or a lookup to a 0.5 billion records mapping table.


      Thanks in advance!