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    Installtion Question

      Hi-We have two servers now.Server1 is master with server and publisher both installed.Server2 is slave with only QV server sw.we are using QV10 SR3.Planning to have a new server (Server3),with only publisher installed in it.


      Can someone please guide me what steps should be followed to instal publisher on Server3?



      1.Services needs to stopped on server1.(what all services)?


      2.There should be a custom installation on server3 for publisher.(please let me know which components needs to be installed)?

      Publisher license needs to be entered.


      3.QEMc setup on server3 (what kind of set up?).


      4.Services needs to be started on server3.


      How all the reload tasks can be moved from server 1 to server3?Do i need to set up IIS? The steps explain above is the right direction to go?


      What else needs to be taken care of to make this installation smooth.


      Any guidance on this would be a great help.