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    Access Point is not presenting Application or Document

    Mark Ellis

      Problem: We have an AD group that is used to distribute a QVW document in access point via publisher. For some reason some users are not getting this document presented to them via Access Point. A user will have access to this doc in addition to others and will get the other docs presented but not the problem doc. Most users and members of the AD group are getting presented this doc just fine. In the webserver logs I see <Global method="GetAdminDocListForUser"><UserId>AD\User</UserId>   for this user and a list of the docs <SourceName>Leadership Dashboards.qvw< that he can access minus the problem doc.


      I've tried adding this user explicitly to the target.qvw file permissions. This has no affect.


      How does QlikView determine what to present to the user in access point. Does it actually scan the User Applications directory to see what the AD user has file permissions access to?  Any suggestions? Thanks.