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    traffic light gauge



      I am creating a traffic light gauge,

      but I have only 2 segment, red (<50) and green (>50).

      how can i make the middle light to stay always grey?


      the idea is to make a list of gauge to always display consistently 3-bubble.



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          Yaseen Pullissery

          What I understand is that you would like to show traffic lights based on the value as follows :


          Less than 50     -> Red

          Equal to 50        -> Grey

          Greater than 51 -> Green


          If this is your requirement, then here is how to achieve it.


          1 - I have put min vlaue 0, max value 100.

          2 - Created 3 segments

          3 - All options of Guage properties are un-checked except 'Relative segment bounds'

          4 - Put 0,0.5, 0.51 as lower bounds respectively.

          5 - Click OK


          This should show red light for values less than 50, grey for 50 and green >50.


          I hope this helps!