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    Random Sort Order in a chart when using Above() within an expression

    Igor Alcantara

      I have a straight table with 3 expressions: Count, % and Accumulated %. For Accumulated % I am not using the Full Accumulation feature because eventually the value goes greater than 100% and the customer does not want that, they want once reaches 100% to stay there.


      So, as a test, I created an expression that uses the Above function to check the above value and sum with the current. In order to words, I did the accumulation manually.


      The problem is, for this to make sense, I want the 1st expression (Count) to be sorted descending but as soon as I introduce the 3rd expression (accumulated %), the sort goes to a random order.


      The sort order only works if I remove the Above function from my expression or if I disable the 3rd expression. That problem happens in any kind of chart, not only in a straight table.


      I have QV11 SR2.


      Any thoughts what could be the reason for that?