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    Using Variable for Per Hour Calculations (Puzzling)

    Jeremy Schmitt

      I created a Variable called "Worked Hours" which is a count of distinct days of the month that have stats, meaning our agents worked that day. We add 8 hours of time to each day worked to calculated their stats off of. So in short, each day the Worked Hours are increasing by 8 and I want to be able to  use this accumulative total to calculate their stats. The Variable is below and in this example there are 24 worked days so far for a total of 192 hours.



      I have the "Agent Accts Worked" being calculated off of sum(if(DISPO>=2000,1,0)), which gives me 3,228 accounts. So I am trying to calculate 3,228 divided by the 192 (or whatever the accumulation is that day). I should be getting 16.8 Agent Accounts Worked Per Hour. Instead I am getting the below and I am not sure what I should change to make this work daily.




      **When I just add the Variable into the Expression itself it works, but it only calculates off of the accumulative hours that THAT agent worked for the month, when I need the total amount of days X 8 that were worked that month...