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    Directory Service Connector

    Charlie Zimmerman

      I'm having a problem with a Loop and Reduce task.  And I think it has to do with not being able to query Active Directory because it says that it can't find any recipients.  The qlikview server/publisher is on a different domain than the users.  And when I go to the one of the license tabs in QMC (QVS V11) and I click one of the Manage User icons, I can't find the users in the other domain when I search for them.  Users were able to lease licenses dynamically though.


      For Directory Service Connectors, I added the path to the user's domain LDAP path (LDAP://domain).  For the DSC service, I had to set it up using a domain account from the server's domain.


      Can QlikView Server use Active Directory from a different domain than where the server is located?  Do I need to put a username and password in the AD entry for Directory Service Connector?  How can I check to see if the account they gave me can acess the user's domain Active Directory?