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    Access Current Dimension/Expression Name within Formula?

      Hiya Guys,


      I have created a formula which, given the name of a Dimension (for example) returns whether or not the Dimension exists in the currently selected criteria:


      fnIncludeDim: If (GetSelectedCount(_Dims)>0, SubStringCount(uvDimensions, $1 & ';'), 0)



      My initial idea was to include this formula (parameterised variable) under each Dimension's "Enable Conditional" field:



      This works great - and basically allows me to create a dynamic Straight Table based on which Dimensions the User has selected from a List Box.


      However, with many Dimensions (and with a view to making my Dashboard as "generic" as possible so I can reuse it with other datasets) - my question is:


      Is there any way to reference the name of the current Dimension from within a formula?


      For example, the above "Enable Conditional" formula would become something like (pseudocode!):



      This way I would be able to use the same formula (variable) for each Dimension, and the "Dimension Name" parameter would be automatically calculated for each Dimension and passed without having to hard-code it for each field.


      Hopefully my question makes sense... I realise the answer is probably "No" - but I thought I'd ask you lovely people in case any of you have any ideas  :-)