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    Select dimension value in straight table

    Nandha Kumar

      Hi All,


      I have a straight table in my dashboard. Also I have my dimensions listed in a list box. Whenever I select a dimension in the list box that dimension should appear in the straight table. If I deselect the dimension in list box that dimension should disappear in the straight table. Like this I have 20 values listed in the list box. Whenever a dimension is selected in the list box the selected dimension should appear and disappear one by one in the straight table. Pls help me to solve this problem with a qvw example.


      There is an example in eu.demo.com website under What's new in qlikview 11 topic. Pls help me its anurgent requirement by my client.




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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          If you download the What's New in Qlikview 11 demo qvw you can see how it's done. In the script on the tab Tags you can find the load statement that creates the _dimension field with the names of the dimensions users can select for the report. The report itself contains all these dimensions, but uses conditional expressions to show or hide them based on the selections in _dimension. That's all there's to it: a field to make selections in and expressions that use the selections to determine which columns are shown. If you want another example qvw search for testselectfromstring.qvw here on the forums. It uses the same technique.

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              Nandha Kumar



              I am not able to understand how this is working as i am a designer not a developer. Can you pls explain me to understand this. I got same kind of requirement from my client i want to deliver this by Monday. Can you pls help me here. Also i have posted a query in my page on this.


              Also I downloaded testselectfromstring.qvw. Got the information from there. But I am using MDX query for this app. Pls find the script below and explain me how I want write the script in dimension and expression, i mean conditional script



              CONNECT32 TO [Provider=MSOLAP.4;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Data Source=localhost];





              [Measures].[USD - Final Budget],

              [Measures].[USD - Final Actuals]




              {[Account LKP].[Lookupid].Children},

              {[Activity LKP].[Lookupid].Children})

              ON ROWS

              FROM [IE]









              TAG FIELDS [Account LKP] , $Dimension;

              TAG FIELDS [Activity LKP] , $Dimension;


              LOAD * INLINE [_dimension

              Account LKP

              Activity LKP






              These are the script i wrote in Edit script.


              =SubStringCount(Concat(_dimension, '|'), '"[Measures].[USD - Final Budget]"') I used in conditional expression



              SubStringCount(Concat(_dimension,'|'), '"[Account LKP].[Lookupid].[Lookupid].[MEMBER_CAPTION]"') I used in Enable conditional dimension


              Pls help me here.