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    Min and max on date not working



      Could you please tell me why these expressions are not working?


      Sum({$<business_date ={'>Date($(vMinDate))<Date($(vMaxDate))' >} Assets)

      Sum({$<business_date ={'>$(vMinDate)<$(vMaxDate)' >} Assets)


      the value of business_date is 2012-01-24 and I have statically made the values of vMinDate andvMaxDate variable in the same format?


      I would actually like to subtract 1 from the vMinDate and then do the sum as given above. But before that the above expression should work correctly.


      I also tried =Sum({$<business_date = {'>=Min(business_date)<Max(business_date)'}>}assets) but does not work either.



      what am I doing wrong. Please let me know?