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    SSO link with QV



      We are using QV 10  server with Windows NT user authentication method. Now we wants to link our QV with existing SSO.


      I provide qv accesspoint link and list of users with password in excel sheet to our development team. But they ask one simple question as

      "how to pass username and password with QV link?". As I don't know any other programming language, I can't answer them?


      Is here any one to help me? How to pass qv user and password with QV access point link..?


      Kindly suggest..




      Thanks in advance,



        • Re: SSO link with QV
          Johannes Sunden

          Hi Karthik,


          What SSO solution are you guys using? Own development or an existing solution?

          There are a number of ways to set up SSO with QlikView depending on what you want to integrate with.

          As ong as there is a web front end to integrate with you should either use Header authentication (if you have a SSO solution that supports this, SiteMinder for example). The user will authenticate in the SSO system which then injects the authenticated user in a header for the QV accesspoint request.

          Otherwise WebTickets would be the way to go where you need to write a code snippet to get a session ticket for the user coming from the authentication system you use. If you search the forums for WebTicket examples you should find some information on how to set this up.