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    Significant lag issues with large dataset

      Hi all,


      I am a QV beginner, and I am having issues setting up a dashboard using my large dataset. I have about three years' worth of survey-type data, with about 3-4 million observations per year. (Don't know if it helps, but I load from a local csv file, where each line is a unique respondent, with info on age, income, # kids, etc. A data reload usually takes ~10 min, but I haven't had any issues here.)


      I don't know if it's a computer issue (I am running QV desktop, with 8GB RAM and an Intel quad-core processor) or data structure, but it takes forever even to do basic calculations. For example, doing sums and counts with the "straight table" chart (with no other graphs, tables on the active sheet) takes 30+ seconds of processing time. Making any selection changes leads to another 30 sec lag, etc., etc.


      The lag is OK for now but not OK for demonstrations/end user use.


      Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can speed QV up? Thanks,