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    Want to know the Step to get particualar word printed at the End of Report

    Shantanu Sardar

      Hello Forums/Friends,


      I had developed one report. There are lot of problem PFA of the same. Let me put the one problem first which is very important. It is 3 pages report.

      In the 3rd/Last page I had written the words "End of Report" with the help of by ticking the Page Setting->Setting->Appendix Placement-Last Paper

      and Appendx Height = 3 %


      But problem is that word "End of Report" is get printed at the end of the page of Last/3rd Page. Pls see the attachment.


      I want that As Soon As the Report End after 2nd or 3rd line the word "End of Report" should get printed in Last page.


      I hope I had able to explain the scenario.


      I had struk here. It will be greate help if anybody can show me the way.



      Thanks in Advance