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    Project activities and competence matrix



      I am experiencing a re-occuring problem when you have to reference two fields in tables (synthetic keys occur).


      My application in QV11 is a visualisation of employee (name), planned project activities and relevant competence. Planned project activities are stored in table Beläggning and a competence matrix is stored in table Kompetensmatris (see picture below).


      Project activities and competences are identical and labelled Aktivitetsbeskrivning and is the link between tables Beläggning and Kompetensmatris. In order not to get a synthetic key, name has different labels in tables Beläggning and Kompetensmatris ("Namn" and "Namn_kompetens"). Now I want to select a certain project activity and then display what employees that have necessary competence to perform it. That works fine. But if I select a certain employee and want to show all his/hers competences, only competences that have a planned project activity in table Beläggning show. I understand why, becuase the two selections refers to different names, "Namn" and "Namn_kompetens". I need to have name labelled the same way in both tables but then I get a synthetic key.


      I have tried to define a unique key that should link tables Beläggning and Kompetensmatris instead but I can still not select an employee and display all competences.


      Is there a clever solution for such a problem?


      Thanks in advance.