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    Logging Administrator logon

    Barry Harmsen

      Is there any way to create an audit trail of (document) administrator logons via QMC?


      I've already turned on QMS/QVPR audit logging by modifying QVManagementService.exe.config, however I cannot find these events registered anywhere in any of the log files (maybe I'm not looking right). I know that I could fetch some of the information from the Windows Security log, but that only tells me that a particular user has logged into the server, not that he/she logged into QMC. Any tips. would be appreciated.

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          Eric Frayer

          Hi Barry,

          Once you enable the Audit log setting in the QVManagementService.exe.config file you'll get an AuditLog folder under the Application Data Folder for the ManagementService.  Once you start making edits or adding task in the QMC different folders are created (hit Apply in the QMC) to capture the changes.  In my environment I'm seeing the Authenticated user being captured.

          Hope this helps.