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    Qlikview field formatted as hh:mm:ss.fff exports to Excel as hh:mm:ss.ms

    Jim McLaren


      I have a report that includes time interval data in varous formats and converts all to a standard hh:mm:ss.fff.


      For example:

      a value of 35:12.59 (35 minutes 12.59 seconds) is converted in a new field to 00:35:12.590 using time('00:'&{field},'hh:mm:ss.fff'). In the report the value looks fine, but when I export the table to Excel, 00:35:12.590 becomes 00:35:13.3513. Looking at the format of the field it shows as custom format 'hh:mm:ss.ms'. If I change the format to 'hh:mm:ss.000' it displays correctly as 00:35:12.590, but obviously I dont want to have to do this every time. Is this a bug with the export function? Is it possible to export the field so Excel treats it as text?