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    Stacked Bar Chart Based on Field Count

      I'm trying to make a somewhat complex Stacked Bar Chart. Each stack in the chart should be based on how many times a certain field occurs within that time period. I have the period as my dimension. I have built similar charts by hardcoding expressions for each "Stack" in the chart.


      Ie. I could have three stack's by making three expressions:

           Stack 1: (sum(if(Area = 'Chicago', 1, 0))

           Stack 2: (sum(if(Area = 'New York', 1, 0))

           Stack 3: (sum(if(Area = 'Atlanta', 1, 0))


      In this example I am using Area as my field. The problem I have is that I have about 500 possible 'Area's'. Do I have to make 500 expressions for each possible option? I really just want the top 20 occuring Area's displayed on the chart. Is there a way to count / display just the top occuring area's? How do I do this?


      Thanks a lot for your help