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    Help needed on Combo chart

      I'm trying to build a combo chart which shows multiple items.
      My Dimension is month year .


      I've  multiple expressions .
      My expressions are Sum(sales) for previous year ,sum(sales) for current year as bar charts .
      Respective months from different years have to be arranged next to each other for comparative anaylsis .


      Cumulative sales previous year, cumulative sales current year as line charts .
      Also I'm showing forecasted cumulative sales for the remaining months in the year .


      I'm stuck with a few issues here .

      1)My Cumulative sales  are coming up in a zig-zag fashion and not coming straight which seems wrong .

      2)Also the requirement is to have cumulative sales and forecast line  for 2013 as one line .
      Line should show acutal sales till date where as it forecasts for the future dates till End of year .
      But in my case Sales 2013 extends to all the months in 2013 as a horizontal line .


      Attaching a snapshot from my application .


      Any help would be really appreciated .