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    Question about variables



      I have created several variables for different exchange rates, for example $(vCurrencyEUR), $(vCurrencyUSD).

      In my expression I would like to choose which variable it should divide with depending on which Currency it has on the transaction row




      So if I look at Company A and have an expression like SUM(Amount) I want to divide this with $(vCurrencyEUR) to get the amount in GBP. It it possible to change the variable name in the expression? Something equal to: SUM(Amount) / '$(vCurrency' & [Currency Code] & ')'


      Just FYI: I cannot do this in the script since the user want to be able to see all the values to the latest rate, the budget rate or the different periods rates. I.E. I have to divide the value with different rates depending on which choices the user makes in the application.