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    How to reduce the lengthy sentences within a field into smaller ones.


      i had a field with customer complaints,it has the voice of the customer(i.e Complaints) . its very lengthy and each complaint is different.is there any method available in qlikview to reduce the size of the data into less so that it wil be easier for the analysis



      That is when we dumb the data it should automaticaly reduced to the specified type.

      i hve attached  the sample copy of my excel file along with this..





      Example: In the excel sheet which i have attached there is a column called "CONCERN1" which contains all the complaints in lengthy manner like



      VOC-I have booked vehicle in the month of july 2012 and i was informed that vehicle will be delivered by 15 days but now it is two months but still vehicle is not delivered to me.When i contact to dealer they are saying they dont have time speak about vehicle booking.I want to know when i will get the vehicle delivery.Contact no 7587471005


      this is very much lenghty and cannot be used as it is in the application so it has to be reduced taking important thing the whole sentence conveys that "Delay in delivery" so how to do this.. Is there any way?



      Thanks in Advance