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    Unusual Layout of Datasource File_can I somehow pivot 122 headers in QV11?

      Hi All,


      I need to create a report in QV11 for my customer.

      Trouble is that the output .xls file I need to use as my data source has 122 column headers out of which 119 need to be summed up in 3 main areas (to be divided even further into 7 observations per area as this is a sample of 7 patient observations across 3 tools - on my sheet coded as 'BB', '5M', 'HH') .


      I attach the file but just to explain what I am after:

      I realise (although I am a complete novice) that I cannot possibly pivot all 122 fields and that they need to be somewhat grouped.

      I would like to find out whether QV11 functionality will allow me to group them 'thematically' and then sum them appropriately within those 3 groups or do I need to change my output file all together (which I would like to avoid)?


      Many thanks to whoever can help out with this.

      As I said I am a novice but have all necessary tutorials available so hopefully will catch up quickly.