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    set analysis- sum all if invoice date <= today not working properly

    Eleanor Odell

      see snapshot of expression and results.


      ultimately i want to exlude all rows for a table from the current selection that has an invoice due date > then today.


      so i started with  a set analysis on the total balance to only include $ if the invoice date <= today


      sum({$< date([AR Due Dt])= {"<=$(=date(today()))"} >} [AR Balance])


      i am getting 0.  I have tried putting in the format on the date 'MM/DD/YYYY' or 'YYYYMMDD'  no change

      I tried using one users suggestion of changing the date to num()  no change.

      I am getting a red mark below the {  in the string   {"<=$(=date    have not figured out why

      what am I missing?


      and is this the correct approach to remove those rows from the table?