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    Publisher 7.30 scheduled task not showing

    Sander Janssen

      Hi, I've setup two tasks in Publisher. Daily, one at 7.30 every 1 day and one at 16.00 every 1 day. Both are displayed correctly under the Triggers Tab. But in the Task Overview on the main Status Tab next to the last execution time the first scheduled time is 16.00. Instead of the 7.30 one. Somehow maybe Publisher sees this as a PM time? Task list is refreshed. Both are set to daily, as of tomorrow. Can't get it right. If I add a task at for instance 10.00 its scheduled correctly (replaces the 16.00 one)? Don't know yet if the 7.30-one is really not executed or just doesn't show as next scheduled task. Any help here? Regards, Sander



      7.30 Task executed correctly this morning, so only did not show correctly as next scheduled.