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    Should you delete .share and/or .meta files when updating QVW for AccessPoinT?

    Brian Bobyak

      We had an issue recently and I have not found a similar posting.   When updating a dashboard on the server (i.e. uploading newer qvw file, with numerous changes to the interface), we found that there were unexpected data being displayed.  We eventually cleared it by removing the .meta and .shared files and re-deploying.   We are assuming that there were previous selections remaining for the users in these files, but we are not certain that is the issue.  There was clearly something affecting the current selections, but no unexpected fields were being shown in the Current Selections box.  Is there a standard approach to clearing one or both of these files, when updatig an existing dashboard?  We would like to not lose collaboration data, so if this is the answer, is there a way to be selective in what gets deleted?