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    Chart with total amount of Sales for TOP 3



      I have searched the forum endlessly, but i couldn't find my solution.


      I am trying to create a line-chart, with only one line( grouped lines or bars i what I have achieved already). And this line shall include the total Sales Sum of the top 3 customers.


      Meaning: Chart shall have a X dimension which is date. The Y-dimension should be the total sum of Sales of the top 3 customers on this particular day.


      Columns in the table are:

      - MasterDate // Date of each day

      - SendingPartner // Customer Name

      - Sales // Amount of sales on this day


      Can you help me with building an expression which works in a chart. I am able to calculate the sum already for a text box, but drilling this down always gives me by using the aggr function also the SendingPartner split. And I'd like to avoid this, because i the chart i only need one line.


      Thanks so much,


        • Re: Chart with total amount of Sales for TOP 3

          Sounds like you'll need to use the rank() function as a condition within your expression.

          This would give you the rankings:


          rank(sum({$<TransDate={'>=$(SalesStart) <=$(SalesEnd)'}>} SalesValue))


          This could then probably be used as follows (not sure how to do exclusively with set analysis though):


          sum(if(rank(sum({$<TransDate={'>=$(SalesStart) <=$(SalesEnd)'}>} SalesValue))<=3,

          sum({$<TransDate={'>=$(SalesStart) <=$(SalesEnd)'}>} SalesValue)



          Haven't tested this myself.