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    calculating time values and having null values.

    andries Bos

      I'm loading time values from an excel spreadsheet: however not all of the time values are in the xls sheet present at time of rebuild.


      I would like to show in different tables/ charts the calculated (sum) values of two time values ; despite one that could be empty (null?)


      =Sum(time1 + time2)


      This will work when time1 and time2  both have a value, but would fail when one of them is empty.


      =interval(time1 + time2) however would work but as this is a calculated value, this could not be shown in a straight table.


      I'm looking for two solutions: one to be used in a chart


      and one within the loading script.


      using my script :

      interval([time1] + time)   AS Totaaltime,

      does not seems to work.


      what is the best practice dealing with null values?