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    Set Analysis being ignored in one table but not another

      Hi Guys,


      I'm having an issue with Set Analysis on a chart where it doesn't appear to be applying the field specified.


      The expression is built around 2 set analysis expressions being added;


      count({$<[Financial Year] = {'$(vMaxYear)'},RowCountInbound =  {"=Skills=SkillsCheckInbound"}>}distinct CallID)


      Sum({$<[Financial Year] = {'=$(vMaxYear)'},RowCountHist = {"= SkillsCheckHist = Skills"}>}[Calls Offered])


      The first line works as expected, however the second line doesn't seem to applying the [Financial Year] = $(vMaxYear) part. Even when i cut the expression down to just;


      Sum({$<[Financial Year] = {'=$(vMaxYear)'}

      //,RowCountHist = {"= SkillsCheckHist = Skills"}    // Am now excluding this line just to check the Financial Year aspect

      >}[Calls Offered])


      it doesn't work via set analysis. However, selecting the field from a selection box gives the desired result.


      I'm sure it's to do with how i've set the tables up in the load script but i cannot see where i've gone wrong.


      I enclose the file, as i expect this will be easier for someone to discern by looking than explain in text. Please be aware that i've had to join 3 tables using a key to be able to get the chart to calculate correctly so please take a look at the table layout first.


      Thank you for your help in advance.