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    How to call a .qvw file in another .qvw file

      Hi all,


      I have .qvw file ex:

      ABC.qvw with some2 bar charts and some straight tables.


      I want to create another .qvw application suppose Alpha.qvw which can call this ABC.qvw and fetch any one chart object and send the embeded image

      in outlook mail body.


      So, what ever macro i have to use i have to use in Alpha.qvw but the charts object will be from ABC.qvw, so Alpha.qvw will only call ABC.qvw and copy the object id and send the image in mail body to user.


      Please give your inputs how to achieve the solution its Urgent.




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          Vishwaranjan Kumar


          by using Binaryload you can add qvw file

          for this

          open a qvw file then

          ctrl E then

          Qlikview File

          then select qvw file



          open ABC.qvw file

          then Ctrl E

          then clik on Qlikview file tab

          then select the alpha.qvw file

          then ok

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              Hi Vishwaranjan,


              I think you have not got my question well.

              By doing binary load how can i get the chart object id in another .qvw file.

              And if i want to call more than one .qvw files dynamically how binary load will work

              I want to make a .qvw file where i want to write a macro to call the first .qvw file name and object id and send the image of object id to oulook mail body.


              Any ways thanks for your reply, if you get any idea how to execute it please reply soon.




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                  Caique Zaniolo

                  Create a folder in the same folder as your QVW file and name it with your QVW file name plus -prj (eg. MyApp-prj), this is called a Project Folder. Open and save your QVW and you will get all the objects properties from that QVW as XML files. Then you can copy the ones you want to the your new QVW Project Folder.

                  If you do a binary load from the original one you will get the same datamodel and the objects will be calculated.