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    Year to Date with an if Expression

      Hello together,


      i have a problem and search for the solution.


      I want so show the the YTD figures, the column YTD works, but the YTD<150 doesen't works.


      No of OrdersYTD<150€YTD <150
      count([DISTINCT [Einkaufsbeleg])count({year={$(vMaxYear)}, Date = {'<$(vMaxDate)'}, Month=>}[Einkaufsbeleg])count(DISTINCT if((EffektivwertSumme>'150,00' AND EffektivwertSumme> '150') [Einkaufsbeleg]))count({year={$(vMaxYear)},Date={'<$(vMaxDate)'}, Month=>} if((EffektivwertSumme>'150,00' AND EffektivwertSummer<'150), [Einkaufsbeleg]))


      If you see the bold characters, there are problem with the if expression. How can include the if expression in the complete formula.


      Thank you for you hints.


      Greets Nikolaus80