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    Calculating Week and Month Analysis

      Hey there


      I am quite new to Qlikview, but have built some nice reporting KPIs. However there are some things thare starting to frustrate me, as i'm not sure how to build/create.


      Firstly I wish to creat a table showing the quanity for the last 12 months, then the last 6 months, 3 months and then the last month. This would need to be a rolling effect.I have already defined the years; but require a breakdown each period.


      Secondly, I need to creat a table to show the amount of cases for each week, with the averafge of last 2 weeks and last 26 weeks (after the last 2 weeks)


      Please see the sample data attached (in excel). There are 2 tabs in the file


      Look forward to your help.