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    Suggestions to Generate Comparision Data


      I have an application that takes all material in a certain length range, segregates it by product type, does a calculation on the length, and summarizes the resulting weight. (It uses 2 joined files, and 2 cross-table loads which are not joined). Works fine.


      I now need to compare that information to information from 4 other sources (Excel) each of which also has length and product type, and end up with a table with all 5 weight values, within each length range and product type, and the ability to slide/dice the data across all the original dimensions.


      I tried a "Group by" to individually calculate the data I need, but generated 10 synthetic tables and bombed the application.


      I'd appreciate suggestions on how to generate the comparison, and be able to use a single set of list boxes (weight, size, date, location…) to view the comparison across all 5.


      Thanks in advance for suggestions.