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    QVMS won't stay started w/user supplied during install

      Our support group ran into a situation at one of our pilot locations and I hope someone can shed some light on this.


      We performed a silent installation of QV11 SR1 and supplied a local user id and password that was created on the system previously.  The installation went through ok, but we had difficulty once the server was rebooted as the QVMS would not stay started.  This caused us problems in licensing the server, seeing as the QVMS/QMS services couldn't properly talk to one another.  I had support verify that the user Id we had set up had the proper settings (membership in QlikView Administrators as well as Administrators, permission to log in as a service).  We ended up working around the situation by reconfiguring the service to use a domain user and password.  Once those changes were made, we were able to get the QV license set up and the customer back up and running.


      The question I've gotten is why this occurred, as this has never been an issue beforehand.  One of the developers here was theorizing that there might be some sort of site policy that might have been interfering, but I wanted to run this scenario by you guys to see what you thought.


      The Event Viewer did show a .NET Security Access Exception error, I don't have the exact text handy, but will post it when I get a screen shot from the customer.