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    Network Days Nulls!

      Hello I am using an expression :-if(NetWorkDays(BA_Contact_Date,Posting_Date)>'0' and NetWorkDays(BA_Contact_Date,Posting_Date)<='4',money([Sum Paid]*-1)) which works fine for the most part but for some reason it is returning Nulls!


      So I then as an experiment added another expression


      NetWorkDays(BA_Contact_Date,Posting_Date)  which also returned a null. The BA_Contact_date ='18/12/2012' and the Posting_Date is 18/12/2012.


      I dont understand why Network days is returning Nulls for perfectly valid dates.


      Any ideas?



        • Re: Network Days Nulls!
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Make sure both dates are real dates and not strings. 18/12/2012 might be evaluated as 18 divided by 12 divided by 2012. Use the date# function if necesary.

          Also you're comparing with strings: >'0' and <='4'. Try using the numbers 0 and 4 instead of strings.