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    Document CALs used by deleted documents

      I recently deleted a number of documents from the AccessPoint that a developer said were no longer in use. They had document CALs assigned to them. Now, if I go through the User Documents and add up all of the document CALs in use I get 55 yet if I try to assign some Document CALs I see only 3 of 100 are available. We are running 11.00 SR2, do not use any dynamic assignment of the 100 doc CALs or 35 Named User CALs.


      I tried restarting the QVS in the services applet with no change. Is there some way to make the system take a new look at the documents actually in the AccessPoint and recalculate the number of Document CALs in use?  There were a number of development-type QVWs in the AccessPoint that haven't been used in a while or were replaced by (with a different name) a different document.


      Suggestions? I see lots of references to deleting PGOs but I don't want to do that if there is any other option as I don't want to have to reassign the 32 named user CALs.