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    Conditional Show Sheet Not Equal Syntax

      In the sheet properties, I am trying to set the Show Sheet/Conditional feature to prevent select users from viewing the sheet based on an expression.  But my syntax is incorrect.


      I know how to enable select users to view a sheet through sheet properties, using syntax such as this:

      OSUser()= 'usernamehere'.


      However, I'm trying to do the inverse - disable select users from viewing the sheet. 

      I've tried using the following the syntax combinations:

      OSUser() <> 'usernamehere'

      OSUser() -=  'usernamehere'

      Neither of my not-equal expressions works.  Would anyone know of a solution?


      Other notes:

      Under Settings/Document Properties/Security, I have the 'Show All Sheets and Objects' box not checked.

      Under Settings/Document Properties/Sheets, the sheet I'm trying to hide has a status of Conditional: Normal.