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    Need help involving date field in set analysis expression

    Miguel Gavidia

      Hello everyone,


      I hope someone in the community is able to assist me with this problem.


      I need to come up with an expresion that will give me the total count of records where:


      -     UnitStatus is "Rented'

      -     Category is either RV" or "Office spaces"

      -     MoveOutDate is blank (that is, there is no date stored in the field. It is a 'date' field)


      This expression below gives me the first 2 requirements but I cannot come up with the right expression for the date.


      How can this Set Analysis expression by modified to tell QlikView to also exclude records where the date is blank?


      Sum ({$<UnitStatus={'Rented'},Category={"RV*","Office Spaces"}>}#MoveInCounter)


      I'll appreciate any tips on this matter.




      Miguel Gavidia