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    GeoMapping Help

      Hi guys


      i need help in how to Geomap sales data on a Map(google or openstreet) .

      i am new to qlikview and javascript but a fast learner


      unfortunalety i can't locate any walkthrough or whitepages for the same.


      if anyone could provide a DETAILED step by step instruction to do the same, i would be really greatful.


      i checked out most(if not all) of the examples posted on the community, got a general idea not nothing concrete.


      Things to LEARN


      1) How to connect a Map service with qlikview

      2) How to map Xls data on a Map


      its basic sale data, oriented at indian sub continent


      Thanks in advance for any help




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          Brian Munz


          How is your data formatted?  Do you have longitude and latitude points?

          Are you just wanting to display this data on a regional level in India or are you trying to map to cities?

          Basically, what kind of map visualization are you looking for?

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              hi Brian

              basically i will be using long & lat as i need a Dot/marker to appear on the map in varying size depending upon their corresponding value .


              i was able to use your SVGMAP extension to make a ad hoc extension right now.


              But i am looking for certain features


              1) Ability to show Dots/Markers on the map, Eg Sales data of various states


              2) Drill Down Effect i.e when i click on a state it goes to cities in the state and mark the regions where the sales took place


              State > City


              I believe for such as  a map i need to render a Google Map or Open Street map & that SVG Map wont wont for it ? Am i right in believeing this .



              BTW thanks for your reply and your amazing extensions.

              Any help would be appreciated ...

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                  Brian Munz

                  Yes, that's a limitation with the two extensions I made obviously.  One loads SVGs that are independent of geography and the other is more traditionally geospatial but doesn't have the region maps built in.

                  BUT, there's ways for you to get around this I think.  If you use the QlikMap extension I made you could easily plot the cities you want and also the US states.  You'd just need to load in the bounding coordinates for these states into QlikView.

                  Here is where you can find the coordinates for the US states in particular:


                  They're XML so loading them into QlikView should be pretty easy.

                  So, then if you put these states in the same dimension as the cities you could see the states and cities at the same time.  But, it sounds like you want to do a drilldown type example.  This can also be done, but I think only with a calculated dimension.  So basically you could set the dimension up to pull in coordinates for the cities of a state if one state is selected, if more than one is selected use the state dimension.

                  Does that make sense?

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                      thankx brain


                      i thought of that, but i want all this offline. no use of net at all.


                      plus i am looking to do the same for INDIA.


                      so basically

                      1) Need a map of India(or world centered around india)

                      2) map coordinates of each city on the map, unless the map image already has them (like SVG Id tags)

                      3)Then import them to qlikview and link them up


                      BTW how can i export ZML of india from Google Earth

                      i mean one file with all of the states & cities coordiantes in a ZML file.