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    Can't undo quarantined users in Document CALs

      Yesterday, a few QV users got the error: "Access denied. The server has no USER CAL for your account" when opening one of many QVW available.

      I looked up to see that their Document CAL (QEMC --> Documents --> User Documents --> Document CALs) user had been sent to quarantine and the "Quarantined Until (UTC)" time had already expired. I know that once a user gets deleted, he is sent to a quarantine for 24 hours before getting deleted. Still, these users hang in there. And when I try to press the blue undo button and apply, nothing happens.


      So, I tried another way. QEMC --> Users --> User Management --> CALs

      There I could find the users and when trying to undo the quarantine and apply, I got the error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


      Any ideas on how to approach this problem and restore those users?

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          Bill Britt

          Hi Kelthan,


          I have not seen this issue, but I would have one question. Are they Document Cals available? I would think that if there were no licenses available you would not be able to undo it.




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              Yes, there are some Document CALs left to assign. So that's not the issue.

              I can even delete anothers Document CAL and add it again without problem. It's just those users that seems to be somehow stuck in quarantine.

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                  Bill Britt



                  I would contact support.



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                      I did contact the QV support. Here is the response I got from them, in case someone else might encounter this problem in the future:


                      Dear Gunnar,

                      This is a bug in version 10, it has been reproduced but we have no fix for it yet.

                      Your recent support case as described below has now been confirmed by our Issue Analysis team as a bug, ID 37006 .

                      Due to uncertainties regarding potential related problems and program priorities we cannot guarantee a fix date at this time.

                      If the issue is critical to your business, please contact us for further discussions.


                      Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience and let us know if you want us to close the case.

                      Kind regards

                      QlikView Support


                      The problem fixed itself in yesterdays reload. The users were not in quarantine anymore so we could add the Document CALs normally to them again. In short: QlikTech doesn't have a fix for this issue in QV 10, but in QV 11, this issue is not known.


                      We plan to upgrade to QV 11 soon. Hopefully we won't encounter this bug again