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    get todays data



      Ived made an variable called vDateToday which is based on Today()


      This gives me the date today.


      Now i want en expression to select on todays data - but i can get it to work.


      I have have a listbox with todays date in i can easily select todays data only


      my expression are as follow:


      =sum({<Date_Clean={$(=(vDateToday))}, ReportDayEntry.Type={'EntryDownloadVisit'}>} ReportDayEntry.Antal)


      But it returns 0


      Date_Clean is in format YYYY-MM-DD


      And my variable format is also YYYY-MM-DD


      If i write this


      =sum({<Date_Clean={'2013-02-07'}, ReportDayEntry.Type={'EntryDownloadVisit'}>} ReportDayEntry.Antal)


      it works perfectly - but i dont want it hardcoded.