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      I wan to call a Parameterized Macro from button action

      how can I do that?

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          Alessandro Saccone

          Ususally I define a variable in the document then I read that variable inside the macro and set the value of the variable in the button ...


          Hopeit helps

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              Actually, I have created one Macro sub procedure with parameters in Macro

              The parameters are ChartID and txt odject Id.

              so, on button click  I want to pass that particular Chart ID and txt odject Id through parameters.



              lets see 2 e.g.


              1) e.g.


              suppose I hv  1 sub 

              sub xy(p1, p2)




              End sub


              on button action , I wrote xy("a","b").


              after, if click on button, it didnt perform any action.




              2) e.g.


              In macro If I call sub  xy("a","b") like


              Sub Scall




              End Sub


              and if i wrote Scall Macro on button Action


              then It works.., Perfect....



              but I need to follow 1st scenario.

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              Gysbert Wassenaar

              You can add actions to a button. First add an action that sets the value of a variable. Next add an action that executes a macro. The macro will have to use the variable. You cannot directly pass a value to a macro, so that's why you need to use a variable.

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                Alessandro Saccone

                Sub MYSUB
                     set v = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("MyVar")

                select case v.GetContent.String

                case 1

                v.SetContent "0",true

                ... do something else

                case else

                v.SetContent "1",true

                ... do something else             

                end select

                end sub 


                This script read a variable MyVar defined in the document and you can set ithe variable with the button; there is no way to pass parameters in other way