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    How do you deploy a QVW using a build server such as CruiseControl with NAnt



      I can't find anything on the web for what I thought would be a common problem.


      We currently deploy builds of .NET code, etc. to our environments (System Test, UAT, Production) using NAnt Build scripts to compile the code and copy the dlls, etc.


      Is there anyway to 'compile' QV project folders into their respective QVWs at the command line?


      For example, I have a folder called InvestmentGradeReport-prj checked in under SVN but not the QVW as Qlikview Developer doesn't check this in by default. I now want to generate or build the QVW from this folder from command line (e.g. qv.exe /build InvestmentGradeReport-prj InvestmentGradeReport.qvw)


      How can I do this?