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    windows authentication problem

    Syed Shah

      Hi All,


      I have a server where I have installed QV server. I tried to use DMS authorization on my Qlikview server, setup custom directory and added users there. I enabled the authentication on IIS as anonymous. When I tried to access the accesspoint, the user was being accepted on localhost, but when I tried to use IP, It did not work. When I tried localhost, I entered user as CUSTOM\Arif and it worked. But when I tried ip address, this user was not being accepted. Even the windows user was not being accepted and after a couple of tries, it took me to the authentication page.


      The next option for me was to use the local windows users. I want to use the local windows users on the Qlikview server. I have left the authorization as NTFS and on web server the authentication is NTLM. I have enabled the windows autentication on IIS. Again, when I use the localhost, it does not ask for any login but successfully takes me to the accesspoint. However, When I try to use IP, it is not accepting the user


      Can someone please guide me what mistake might I be making that the accesspoint is not accepting my credentials.